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GizmoTrader Testing Process

GizmoTrader's 25 Point Testing Process
Each device sold by GizmoTrader is passed through a series of rigorous functionality tests by one of our Level 2 Technicians.  It is then inspected, reviewed and photographed for cosmetic condition.  All items are packaged with a 30 day money back warranty and our customer service team is standing by 6 days per week to assist you with questions or concerns.

Before ever listing an item, we first determine functionality of the following features (if applicable) and then list each item individually, with REAL photos and as clearly as possible.*

Testing Rubric
1. Test Call 14. Vibrate Feature
2. Connection to Original Carrier 15. All Soft Keys
4. Loudspeaker 16. All Buttons
5. Headset Port 17. Charge Capability
6. Microphone 18. Sync Capability
7. Proximity Sensor 19. Wifi Functionality
8. Gyroscope 20. MicroSD Slot
9. GPS Functionality 21. Sim Card Slot
10. Touchscreen 22. Unlock Status
11. Digitizer/LCD Quality 23. ESN/IMEI/MEID Activation Status Check
12. Front Facing Camera 24. Thorough Cleaning/Cosmetic Inspection
13. Back Camera 25. Hard Reset

*If any issues are discovered during the testing process, we decide whether to repair the smartphone or sell it for parts.  ALL items with functional defects are VERY CLEARLY advertised as DEFECTIVE products to be purchased for parts or repair only.  A 30 Day Money Back Warranty is included with ALL items; however, it is your responsiblity to read the entire listing and know what you are purchasing.  If you're unsure, call us and we'll be happy to help!